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About is owned by Sherif Trading SA, a Company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, and operated by its branch office in Switzerland at the address given below.

Sherif Trading SA is owned by Fred Bunzl. That's him on the right. Other members of's team are Chouhrette Cherif, Alain Bunzl, Natacha Bunzl and Adam Bunzl.

Apart from its expanding debt consolidation services, Sherif Trading's other business is the distribution of computer printer products, as well as other internet enterprises.  

In everything we do, we strive for quality, service and value for money with a personal touch.

We are proud to be a charter member of iCop, the International Council of Online Professionals, dedicated to protecting the online consumer. Please click the link and read how you can support online business integrity.

We live and work close to Geneva in Switzerland.  Geneva saw the birth of the World Wide Web in 1990 when Tim Berners-Lee, a young English computer scientist at CERN - the pan-European particle physics laboratory - invented a more effective means for international electronic collaboration.

Our contact details are:

Snail mail: Sherif Trading S.A.
26, chemin du Petray
1222 Vesenaz  GE
Voice: +41 22 566 17 94
Fax: +41 22 752 48 73
Email: Please use our Feedback Form