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Legally Clearing Your Credit

Over the past several years credit repair organizations have gained a bad reputation due to unscrupulous companies stating that they can clear your credit report. Clearing your report was not the problem, but stating that they could give you a clean credit report or a new credit file was.

It is against the law to create a new credit file using a federal taxpayer identification number, or any number other than your own social security number. Credit repair companies are governed by a federal law called the Credit Repair Organizations Act, these laws state what services a credit repair company can legally offer to their clients.

The argument always stated is that you can clean your own credit without the services of a credit repair company, although this is true, if we follow this argument the average consumer can also repair their own television without any previous experience.

The problem with attempting to clear your own credit is that it is a time consuming are requires a lot of patience and follow-up paperwork. Most consumers give up on the process once they venture into the labyrinth of dealing with credit reporting agencies, and debt collectors, but a credit repair company can handle all the required paperwork in a professional unbiased manner.

Because of the laws that now regulate the credit repair industry, contacting an organization to help you repair your credit has become commonplace. There are many reputable credit repair organizations that will provide the services needed to restore your credit, among these is the company Millennium Credit Service; their website is located at This is a full service credit repair organization the helps the consumer through the entire credit restoration process, but if you want to venture into repairing your own credit, there are a lot of websites that offer do-it-yourself credit repair kits. When attempting to repair your own credit, remember the only way to see an improvement is to stick to it, and devote the time and energy needed to get results.

The first step to legally clearing your credit is to get and evaluate your credit report. This report details your entire credit history for up to seven years for negative entries, and paid off accounts can remain on your report indefinitely. The only exception to this rule is bankruptcies, which can remain on your report for up to ten years after discharged.

Understanding your report can be complicated but credit reporting agencies attach instructions concerning reading and understanding your report, and there are a lot of books that deal with credit reports and understanding credit that you can read to get a better understanding of your credit report.

Now that you have an understanding of your credit, it is time to find out what negative entries or obsolete information needs to be updated. Negative entries over seven years old from last activity can be deleted, and items on you report that are not yours or your legal spouse can be removed. Updating your current information such as address, and employment can increase your credit score almost immediately. Keeping an eye on the information that is contained on your credit report, and removing or disputing information can ensure that your credit scores are as high as they can be. But, if this seems like an overwhelming task you can always hire a professional repair service like Millennium Credit Service to handle this task.

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